Maternal Health

Families First seeks to empower young parents with the resources necessary to start and build safe and strong family environments for their children. As part of our Healthy Starts program, Maternal Health services allow young parents, mainly young women, to learn the basic knowledge of a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and home care for their new baby.

In addition to the services for young parents listed on this page, Families First encourages young parents to consider taking advantage of other services that we provide including, but not limited to, counseling services, car loans and parenting classes.



For: Pregnant Women

Provides emotional and physical support to pregnant young mothers before, during and after the birth of her baby. The goal of our Doula program is to ensure that young mothers continue their education during and after pregnancy, and make informed choices about labor, delivery, nutrition and parenting.



For: Teen Mothers

Offers comprehensive case management and counseling services to pregnant teens through home and school visitation, service coordination, and parenting education until the first year of the babies’ birth. TAPP also offers several events, workshops and outings throughout the year for young mothers and their children.


resource moms

For: New Moms

Provides resources and information to women who have delivered a very low-birth weight baby. Resource Moms are offered in partnership with Amerigroup, one of Georgia’s Care Management Organizations (CMOs), as a part of Georgia’s Planning for a Healthy Baby (P4HB) Initiative.