Mission & Values

At Families First, we believe that we have the awesome responsibility to be a beacon of light to the community in which we live. We exist to create thriving, self-sufficient families that will in turn, create communities across the state of Georgia that share a collective commitment and responsibility to the success of its children. Through the generous support and partnership of numerous public sector and foundation partners, individuals as well as corporations, we are able to provide services such as family and individual counseling, parenting classes, low-interest car loans and housing for families in need of shelter. At Families First we offer free educational resources, promote awareness, assist policymakers and employers, and partner with local agencies throughout the state of Georgia to make sure that families in need know where to come first.


A community where all children and families flourish.


To ensure the success of children in jeopardy by empowering families.


  • Excellence
  • Honor Diversity
  • Transparency
  • Innovative Learning
  • Family First
  • Empowerment with Accountability
  • Leadership