Transitional & Supportive Housing

Finding a safe, comfortable yet temporary living environment – coupled with the appropriate support services and access to other existing community resources – may be all that a family needs to steady themselves for long-term success. Our services support those with nowhere else to go, from young mothers trying to get ahead, to those who are working to eliminate substance abuse, deal with illness and/or achieve emotional stability.


Shelter-A-Family (SAF)
Shelter-A-Family (SAF) offers supportive housing for families in the Atlanta area. This program pairs housing with support services for chronically homeless persons who are suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, and/or HIV/AIDS and their families. Eligible families must be referred by a shelter or outreach organization through the coordinated entry process.
The goals of SAF are to help individuals reduce and eliminate substance dependency and use, achieve mental and emotional stability, and move toward long-term and stable housing. In addition, the program seeks to promote child safety and development and prevent future homelessness among children. SAF provides clients with accessible individual, family, and group mental health counseling and case management. It also provides linkages to community services and resources, support in reconnecting with families, and assistance with developing networks of supports that will help them become economically independent and self-sufficient.